17 May 2009

Carni Asada

Today was inflatable attraction day at the ranch.

Chris was having a Silpada party and invited a bunch of friends and family over so we set up the inflatable house in the backyard. Yes, that's one we own. No Target specials for us, this is a full-sized commercial inflatable (those of us "in the biz" don't call them "bouncies"). It always makes me feel like a carni when I set it up.

After I set up ours, it was off to Pump It Up with Evan for a birthday party. He basically spent the entire day on temporary, air-pressure based amusements.

Its nice having our own - we went 1/2-sies with her sister-in-law a couple of years ago and keep it at Grandma's - but they are really bulky and hard to move around, weighing a couple hundred pounds I'd guess.

The other funny thing is that the neighbor has a trampoline and the kids were going back and forth between our yard and theirs to sample the different worlds of jumping.

Chris' party was a big success, and apparently a fairly lucrative one for the sales rep as well.

(The bomb crater, btw, is where the pool goes.)